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North Devon Based Hackles Dog Training has a passion for our canine friends and aim to provide an invaluable service to all other dog lovers.  There is a variety of services available but Hackles specialise in a selection of quality one to one dog training sessions. We also offer a first-class dog walking service in the local area.

The dog training programme is very much centred on promoting the reward based training strategies to enable dogs to live more in harmony with us and our homes whilst maintaining maximum animal welfare standards.

In addition, the Hackles website has been developed to assist our customers find local canine services from our list of recommended providers.

About us

Who Are We?

I have been working with a wide varietyof dogs of all ages and breeds for many years and have gained a wealth ofexperience dealing with many aspects of canine training &behaviour. HacklesDog Training is here to help with your day to day walking duties and areavailable to offer full training strategies ranging from standard obedience problemsto behaviour issues.

Whether you would like some general tips on basictraining, or have adopted a rescue dog that is finding it difficult settling into its new surroundings, let us know and Hackles can offer a consultation tohelp you and your new addition.


Dog Training & Walking

What we do?

I have seen and experienced many different trainingmethods and because of this, and extensive research, I believe that the rewardbased system is by far the most effective and most pleasurable for both yourcanine companion & the owner. I will give you full training on the"click and treat” method and you will be amazed at how quickly your caninepartner realises that if they do something good, they get a reward.

I am also on hand to assist you with your dogwalking duties. I can help with many different requirements, whether you want dailywalks arranged or just once or twice a week to help out. There is a range of walking options and pricesfor you to choose from. Hackles Dog Training prides itself on quality andguarantee there will be no more than 2 dogs on a walk (& that's only ifthey enjoy each other's company) or of course you have a whole pack that youmay need to be walked! Hackles offer a quality service and you can be assured that yourdog will get a great walk and not just a quick flick around the block.


Our Directory

What Is This?
It can often be hard to find products and services for your pet that you can trust. Because of this, I have put together a directory of preferred vets, kennels, food products, groomers etc to help you make the right decision for your canine friend.

Hackles Dog Training is based in Woolacombe, North Devon but our services are available to people and dogs all over the county.